Drush is Changing How I Work with Drupal

Drush is something I have had on my "To Learn" list for a while now, and I finally did it 2 weeks ago. It is already changing how I work with my Drupal sites. For example, I completed a site update in about 10 minutes, a job that took over an hour before Drush. This includes the Drupal core and all modules:

Drupal 7: Remove DIV Tags Around Node Template Variables

My goal was to strip out the soup of DIV tags in the display of a piece of custom content in Drupal 7 so that I could easily add styles and make it look nice. I had a boat load of trouble finding what I wanted to do even though it seemed very simple in my head, and if I can help one person with this post it would make me happy. I tried all the search criteria I could think of, things like "Style custom content in Drupal 7", "Remove DIV tags from node Drupal 7", etc. and eventually found what I was looking for in a comment in a post in the Drupal groups.

Neglected Blog SEO

Neglected Blogs are everywhere, and lots of those have heartfelt posts from some neglectful blog parent. Let me join those ranks.

It made me think that one of those blogs must be #1 in Google's web search rankings. How do you become the #1 neglected blog according to Google? Well, you don't do it with a single post, but several posts about neglect, End the Neglect A blog of the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases.

#2 is an actual neglected blog.

William Shatner's Safety Tips on Deep Fried Turkey

I love Shatner, possibly for the same reasons people hate him. I think he has a pretty big ego, but he is just funny. And he knows it.

This video serves as a reminder to stay safe over the holidays, especially if you plan to deep fry a turkey. "William Shatner & State Farm® present "Eat, Fry, Love," a turkey fryer fire cautionary tale".

The Cat is Leary of the Nexus 4 + 7

Walter taken by the Nexus 4There seems to be something funny going on with my Nexus devices. The cat won't go near them, just gives them a wide berth whenever he goes by. I do trust animal's perception of people, they seem to get a good read on people right away.

This picture (taken with my Nexus 4) makes me wonder if he's trying to tell me something.

The Google Devices are Chatty

Before last summer, I was looking for an opportunity to try an Android device. I figured a 7" tablet would be about the right size for me, with a GPS. I figured this would be easy to carry around but still a good viewing area. I started looking on some of the electronic "deal" web sites and found loads of no-name tablets, but the lack of reviews made me nervous about the purchase. 

Double Studded Walls: Part 2

I have now visited the Pilikan House in all of its double studded wall glory. Here's a couple of photos of the wall detail.

Double Studded Walls

This seems like a good return on investment, as long as building codes don't restrict what I have in mind. Just let me live in the dream world for now, OK? Pilikan House, a "living lab" at the Nova Scotia Community College Middleton Campus got me thinking about this.

Content Management for Everybody

With the maturity of Web Content Management Systems (CMS), I find it very difficult to recommend a traditional "static" site to any client that is looking for a web site consisting of more than 2 pages that the owner intends to update on a regular basis. I have worked with some excellent Open Source CMS's and the largest cost is the initial set up and configuration.